The SHARE-North project consortium has produced a number of video highlighting shared mobility options and their benefits. You can view them here on YouTube.


This section highlights the most significant SHARE-North research documents and communications publications.

Shared Mobility Guide for Municipalities

Coming Soon! The first version of SHARE-North’s Shared Mobilty Guide for Municipalilites, which will give a comprehensive overview of shared mobiltity modes, their impacts, advantages and disadvantage and what municipalities need to and can do to support the uptake of shared mobility.


A set of shared mobility icons has been developed in the SHARE-North project. These icons help to increase the recognition of shared mobility and its main forms. They may be used in signage, at mobihubs, on websites and in information packages. The icons are free for sharing and have been made available in Noun Project, a free icon gallery. The icons are on their way to becoming the European standard for shared mobility.

You can download the entire set of icons for free:

Please share any edited icons with us well, we’d love to see what you come up with!