Shared Mobility 101: Integrating Shared Mobility into New Housing Developments – Webinar

Shared Mobility 101: Integrating Shared Mobility into New Housing Developments – Webinar

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On September 2, 2021, the fourth of a series of 10 webinars to accompany the publication of SHARE-North's "Shared Mobility Rocks: A Planner's Guide to the Shared Mobility Galaxy" was held on “Shared Mobility Integration into Housing Development”.

Traditional parking requirements pose a challenge for sustainable, resource efficient housing developments. Implementing progressive policies and integrating shared mobility into new housing developments can help create equitable cities of the future and free up space for other purposes aside from parking. In this webinar, we focussed on innovative policies for integrating shared mobility into parking standards for new real estate developments as well the impact of these measures on car parking demand and car use.

Bram Seeuws from (BE) started off with introducing the types of carsharing available in Flanders as well as the legal frameworks available in the region for integrating carsharing into housing developments. Many of the common challenges faces are relevant for many cities already working with such policies, like: ensuring the longevity of measures, finding reliable partners, establishing business cases and reaching necessary target groups.

Bram shared three specific examples from different cities in Flanders while focussing on the lessons learned from each separate initiative. Bram’s presentation is available here: Implementating Carsharing in Housing Developments in Flanders

Rebecca Karbaumer from the City of Bremen (DE) presented current policy approach in Bremen which allows real estate developers to integrate mobility management measures rather than building car parking spaces and gave a sneak preview of policy revision considerations that would make mobility management measures mandatory for all new real estate developments. She also shared the latest research on the actual impact of these current creative parking policies in housing developments on mobility behaviour and car ownership. “Integrating shared mobility into real estate developments from the beginning is an opportunity to decrease parking demand, space consumption and improve the ecology and social equity of new developments but we can still learn a lot regarding the specific implementation and ensuring long-term positive impacts of these measures.”

Rebecca’s presentation can be viewed here: Mobility Management in Housing Developments in Bremen, DE

If you would prefer to watch a recording of the entire webinar, it can be viewed here!

03 Sep 2021