Catch up on Webinar “The Impact Of Different Car-Sharing Variations on Urban Mobility”

Catch up on Webinar “The Impact Of Different Car-Sharing Variations on Urban Mobility”

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What differentiates the types of carsharing? Do all forms of carsharing have the same impact on car-ownership or mobility behaviour in cities? How environmentally friendly are they? These questions and more were addressed in today's webinar in which shared carsharing classificiation research and the German Carsharing Association present the results of its recent study on the "User and Mobility Behaviour of Different Car-Sharing Variants".

In this webinar, SHARE-North teamed up with the Horizon2020 project STARS . Jeffery Matthijs from (Belgium) lead the introduction by presenting the classification system developed for different car-sharing typologies. Gunnar Nehrke, Director of the Bundesverband CarSharing e. V. (German Car-Sharing Association) followed by sharing the results and conclusions of a recent study on the impact of different forms of car-sharing.

In a synopsis, the Bundesverband CarSharing e.V. described the results as follows:
Different Carsharing variations have a varying impact on car-ownership and car-use. This is the result of a new comparative study of the Bundesverband CarSharing e.V. Station-based carsharing in particular contributes to the reduction of privately owned cars. Free-floating carsharing, in comparison, hardly has an impact on reducing transport problems. Noteworthy, however, is that combined systems that include free-floating and stationbased carsharing services from a single provider have a significantly positive effect.” Differences in user satisfaction with the difference carsharing services, such as vehicle availability and cost, were presented as well as how users of the different types regard the joy of driving, the need to own a private car and how mucht they use public transport were also shared.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here or download the presentations and some additional literature below:

1_Typologies of Carsharing in Matthijs

2_Impact of Carsharing on User and Mobility Behaviour_BCS_Gunnar Nehrke

BCS Fact Sheet_Entlastungswirkung verschiedener Carsharing-Varianten

15 Mar 2019