SHARE-North: Shared Mobility Solutions for a Liveable and Low-Carbon North Sea Region

The challenges of making transport in the North Sea Region more sustainable cannot be met by technical solutions alone – behavioural changes are also required. Shared mobility modes and their potential to address these challenges are the focus of the SHARE-North project.

About The Project

So, what’s it all about?

The Interreg North Sea Region Project “SHARE-North” includes activities for developing, implementing, promoting and assessing car sharing, bike sharing, ride sharing and other forms of shared mobility in urban and rural areas and employment clusters. Living labs will integrate modern technology with activities to support changes in mobility behaviour.

The objectives of the project are manifold: resource efficiency, improving accessibility (incl. non-traditional target groups), increased efficiency in the use of transport infrastructure, reduction of space consumption for transport, improving quality of life and low carbon transport. A strong partnership of public authorities, NGOs and research institutions from the North Sea Region is supplemented by numerous supporting organisations including the OECD International Transport Forum. The partnership stands for transnational cooperation, which is necessary for creating political support, and represents a high level of innovation as shared mobility is not yet widely employed as a part of integrated transport strategies.

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What do we offer?

Reducing congestion and emissions through shared mobility appoaches for business parks as mobility generators!

Reducing the number of parked cars and regaining public space in cities through innovative car sharing concepts! Improving social inclusion with car sharing with handicapped accessible vehicles and carpool programmes for the elderly!

Saving small-town governments money and improving access to car sharing through governmental fleet sharing programmes!

Evaluating integrated planning approaches and asking and finding answers to difficult questions like: „How much is (green) space in cities worth?“ „Does shared mobility generate or reduce revenue?

Analysing which trends could change the face of mobility forever! Using integrated technologies to promote shared mobility!

Raising the profile of shared mobility as an effective strategic planning tool for improving quality of life, accessibility and environmental quality.

And much more!

And at the heart of SHARE-North is a core of organisations and people from across the North Sea Region that will focus on behavioural change – TOGETHER!