Follow-up on SHARE-North’s Webinar on “E-Car-Sharing: Overcoming Challenges and Improving Services”!

Follow-up on SHARE-North’s Webinar on “E-Car-Sharing: Overcoming Challenges and Improving Services”!

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Did you miss today's SHARE-North "Dare-to-Share" webinar on Car-Sharing with Electric Vehicles? Or would you like to follow up on the presentations given? You can download the presentations here!

Today, the SHARE-North project was joined by nearly 40 participants for its forth lunchtime webinar of the “Dare-to-Share” series. The goal of today’s webinar was to learn from the City of Bergen’s (Norway) and Edinburgh College’s (UK) experiences with car-sharing with electric vehicles and the benefits and challenges these services present in the municipal and business centre setting.

The presenters, Bob Murphy from Edinburgh College in Scotland and Lars Ove Kvalbein from the City of Bergen in Norway, demonstrated how goals to reduce transport emissions as well as traffic and parking congestion can be supported by integrating electric mobility in car-sharing. They also shared, however, that this innovative transport mode is not without its challenges, such as: scepticism from users with regard to vehicle range and the ability for them to meet their mobility needs or getting charging speeds just right so that a vehicle’s battery is sufficiently charged for the next user. Both presenters emphasised that the services, however, have played an important roll in lowering the hurdle for users to try electric cars as well as in convincing many users that they do not need to own a car in order to be mobile.

If you missed the presentations or would like to review them again, you can download them here:

SN Webinar Introduction and Links_Rebecca Karbaumer

SN Webinar_EV in Edinburgh College Fleet_Bob Murphy

Lars Ove Kvalbein’s presentation from the City of Bergen can be downloaded here.

15 Dec 2017