develops new tool to allow users to calculate the cost of Carsharing vs. Car ownership develops new tool to allow users to calculate the cost of Carsharing vs. Car ownership

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Car sharing is in many cases much cheaper than a private car. It will cost you on average at least € 500/month, but most Belgians are not aware of this. Thanks to the new calculator, developed by, now everyone can calculate what car sharing costs compared to car ownership.

By 19/03/21

The car share price calculator: measuring is knowing! developed a tool that meticulously calculates the financial advantage of car sharing compared to the private car. The instrument makes it possible to compare the different forms of car sharing and their different price formulas. This online tool includes no fewer than 74 formulas from all current Belgian car-sharing providers. The calculator is online at and can be used by everyone for free.

Via a handy online module you enter the characteristics of the car that you currently own or plan to buy and an estimate of the number of journeys and kilometers you drive per year. The price calculator then calculates the cost of your own car and provides an overview of what you will pay with such a mobility profile if you were to do car sharing, and this broken down by the different car sharing providers. With this you can immediately see the difference between the costs of your own car and the chosen car-sharing formula.

Car sharing is cheaper for almost all Belgians, but not for commuting

“Those who drive up to 15,000 km per year are almost always cheaper with a car sharing system,” says Jeffrey Matthijs, director of “Since Belgians travel about 15,000 km per year on average, car sharing offers a cheap alternative for many families”. Depending on the chosen car sharing formula, this turning point can even reach more than 20,000 km / year. Yet car-sharing is rarely an economical option for those who commute to work by car every day. This is mainly due to the fact that in that case the car will be stationary in the company’s parking lot all day long and therefore cannot be used by another car sharer. After all, with car sharing you usually also pay for the duration of use in addition to a price per kilometer.

Tip: test different scenarios to find the cheapest option

Because there are so many different possibilities in which people move and because there are many different pricing formulas for car sharing, it is advisable to test different scenarios in the calculator. “For example, if you drive 2000 km every month with a family car to a holiday home in France, you can do less with car sharing. These 24,000 km will cost you € 5,256 with the cheapest car-sharing formula. A private car costs an average of € 6,248 for this. However, if you were to drive these 24,000 km by, for example, doing a trip of 154 km three times a week, you would soon end up with a cost price for car sharing (with the cheapest formula € 7,007) that cannot compete with the private car. We advise everyone to make the comparison for his or her profile to see which formula is the most beneficial ”, says Jeffrey Matthijs. The type and cost of your own (future) car also play a role. The calculator shows that the more expensive your own car is, the cheaper it will be to start car sharing.

After all, whether car sharing is interesting for you personally also depends on the offer in your area, the distance to a shared car, the desired service …

19 Mar 2021