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Sharing insights, experiences and new ideas is a vital part of creating more liveable and low-carbon cities and regions and spreading the word about the potential of shared mobility as a part of integrated transport planning. Here you can find information about the latest SHARE-North and other project-related events.

Upcoming Events

28. June 2019 12:30 pm
SHARE-North Webinar: Exploring Different Approaches to Establishing Bike-Sharing Schemes in a City

The market of shared mobility is rapidly changing, constantly bringing new services and innovations with it. At the same time, existing shared mobility services can still seem like a labyrinth of uncertainties for cities. This rings true for the field of bike-sharing. What are the different forms of bike-sharing and does their impact differ? What is the benefit of shared bikes for a city and its citizens? What are suitable operation scenarios?


8. October 2019 10:00 am
Shared Mobility Rocks 2019

Come and see why shared mobility rocks!