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Sharing insights, experiences and new ideas is a vital part of creating more liveable and low-carbon cities and regions and spreading the word about the potential of shared mobility as a part of integrated transport planning. Here you can find information about the latest SHARE-North and other project-related events.

Upcoming Events

31. August 2018 12:30 pm
SHARE-North Webinar: Public Space – What is it worth and how can car-sharing help cities reclaim it?

The fair allocation of public space in cities, people vs. cars, green spaces vs. car parks: this is a challenge that all cities face and is a source of frequent heated debate and conflicting interests. Common questions circle around the issue of parking: How much public space should be dedicated to parking? How fair is it to allocate significant public funds for the storage of private vehicles? What value does public space in cities have for the health and well-being of urban residents? And what can cities do to reclaim public space from vehicles and make it available to its citizens again? These are some of the questions we will address in our upcoming webinar on August 31st.