Improving Mobility Hubs and Mobility Solutions for Employment Centres in Southwest Flanders

Improving Mobility Hubs and Mobility Solutions for Employment Centres in Southwest Flanders

Interkommunale Leiedal, a partner of the SHARE-North project, presents its plans for improving mobility hubs in and around Kortrijk, BE as well as creating shared mobility solutions for business parts. Take a look!

The film is in Dutch, so a brief synopsis has been provided in English below:

“Car traffic was already growing in the past decades, and increased dramatically in recent years. Accessibility is an important economic asset for our region. But congestion is causing a number of negative effects, e.g. air pollution, traffic jams, companies missing out on customers or employees losing time in traffic…
Focusing on public transport, biking and shared mobility is part of the solution.

In the REKOVER project, Leiedal designed a plan to optimize the public transport network throughout the region. New business parks, housing developments and urban functions should be aligned to this network. The surroundings of railway stations should become true hubs for sustainable mobility.

Gunter Debaerdemaeker, manager of the Kortrijk bike centre ‘Mobiel’, emphasizes the importance of the station as an access point for sustainable mobility modes and public transport: e.g. rental bikes at the Kortrijk station.

The REKOVER project wants to improve different railway stations, but also important bus stations should become regional hubs.
Isabel Cossement, manager of the Kortrijk station renewal project, explains how the renewal of the station and its surroundings is important for the region, as the station is an important starting point for several major bus connections, making regional attraction poles (such as the university campus) accessible…
With support of the Flemish government, Leiedal also develops the project ‘Smarter to work together’.

Valerie Claeys, sustainability official for one of the partner cities, explains: for the business grounds, we want to develop concrete solutions for mobility questions. E.g. collective transport, carpool for companies…

Last but not least, the project ‘SHARE-North’ enables us to exchange knowledge with European partners on this topic. Also, mobility apps and other services will be tested – both in business parks and city centres.”

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21 Jul 2016