Making a Point of Mobility in South West Flanders

Making a Point of Mobility in South West Flanders

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On December 12th, SHARE-North partner Leiedal, the intercommunal body for regional development in South West Flanders, hosted its annual ‘Samenkomst’ or ‘Gathering.’ Following a semi-annual general assembly, more than 160 policy makers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders joined in for this signature regional event, consisting of a debate, thematic workshops and information markets. The set-up? To inspire the region and be inspired by it. The content? As diverse as spatial planning, climate action, mobility, care and welfare. And Mobipunten!

SHARE-North partners Leiedal and worked together to invite regional stakeholders to proactively reflect on mobility points: mobility hubs for multimodal and durable transport. Car and bike-sharing, public transport and further services such as parcel lockers, vending machines and neighbourhood facilities were extensively illustrated and discussed. The partners presented a number of theories to a board of three mobility councillors. Unanimously, all panel members insisted on the importance of car-sharing combined with public transport as complementary means of mobility for everyone. Leiedal is now looking into the possibilities of these mobility points in cities, rural areas and on the industrial estates the regional developer creates and manages.

The ensuing network reception was abuzz with thoughts and ideas on mobility points, proving mobility is a hot topic that moves the region.

21 Dec 2017