Living Lab in Hilversum, NL – Business Park Launches Pilot with Shared Bikes

Living Lab in Hilversum, NL – Business Park Launches Pilot with Shared Bikes

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At the beginning of this month, the municipality of Hilversum and business association Hilversum Zuidwest launched a pilot project to test six shared bicycles in the business park “Kerkelanden”. Throughout the month of October, the bicycles can be tested free of charge by employees in the business park in order create awareness for bike-sharing with as many people as possible.

The SHARE-North partner Advier supported the municipality of Hilversum in initiating and implementing the pilot. “By launching such pilot projects, the market, the needs of users and what governments and market players can do if they want to set up a broader sharing system are being explored”, said Advier’s Yorik Janmaat.

To use the bike-sharing system, users download the free Skopei 360 app on their smartphone and create an account. This allows them to reserve a bicycle in blocks of two hours. They then receive a code to unlock the reserved bicycle. With this code they can pick up the bicycle and use it for two hours. After use, they bring the bicycle back to the place where it was picked up. Users can pick up the shared bicycles at three fixed locations, all of which are located in the “Kerkelanden” business area. However, users can also locate the bikes with the Skopei 360 app.

One of three bike-sharing stations at Hilversum’s business park “Kerkelanden”

The bikes are equipped with a so-called E-lock, only to open with the code obtained on the phone. Each E-lock has a GPS and internet connection. This allows the participants to follow where the bike is parked. At intervals, the E-Lock sends the position and status to Skopei 360.

Outside of this free trial, the regular cost of this bike-sharing system will be two euros for two hours. This can be paid by users with IDEAL or credit card. Employers can also pay for their employees.

After a year, the business association Hilversum Zuidwest and the municipality will evaluate the project to determine whether or not they will implement the system permanently. In November 2017, the participants will carry out the first assessment of the bike-sharing system.

Invitation to Employees to Test bike-sharing in Hilversum

18 Oct 2017