Design of a “Living as a Service” Platform Including Shared Mobility

Design of a “Living as a Service” Platform Including Shared Mobility

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When mobility hub becomes part of living services, what characteristics should it have? What facilities and services should the mobility hub provide? This is the essential question that was addressed in the project that designed a “Living as a Service” platform.

The specific facilities and services included in the mobility hub depend on its location and functional positioning. For example, the mobility hub that serves as a transit point in the city and the mobility hub located in the suburbs have different sizes and functions. It’s a new idea to put a mobility hub in the context of a community and make it a part of living services. For a community-scale mobility hub, it is necessary to study which services and facilities it needs to provide.

The purpose of the mobility hub is to facilitate residents’ travel and daily life, and its functions and services should meet the needs of residents in the community. However, a community is made up of different types of residents, such as tenants and home owners. The difference in their identities may result in the different attitudes and acceptance of shared services. Their demand for living services and mobility-related services are also different. Therefore, before determining the functions and characteristics of the mobility hub, the following questions must be clarified: What are the living-related and mobility-related needs and pain points of different types of residents? What factors do people care about when they participate in shared living and shared mobility services?

This video shows a Demo of the integration of mobility as a service in living as a service. Xueyao Li, a student working with the SHARE-North partner Advier, did research on what communities need and how communities work while sharing facilities. Based on her research, she developed a demo for a online platform that can be used in tenant communities and in this particular example it is a platform used for international student housing. Take a look!

07 Oct 2020