Substantial funding for mobihubs in Flanders!

Substantial funding for mobihubs in Flanders!

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What started as an idea at a SHARE-North Summer Academy in 2017 – the establishment of a mobility hub strategy for Flanders – has become a tidal wave of success. Three years later, the term mobihub is well known on a policy level in Flanders, a mobipunt NGO was founded and mobihubs were integrated into the Flemish Basic Accessibility Plan. Now, the Flemish Ministry of Transport it making the concept its own with new branding and substantial financial commitment to creating 1000 mobihubs in Flanders by 2025: 104 Million Euros worth of commitment!

In September 2017, SHARE-North partners Taxistop and launched the concept of mobipunten in Flanders. Mobipunten were inspired by the cities of Bremen (DE) and Bergen (NO) and have become part of an extensive roll-out strategy in Flanders, supported by Taxistop, and Infopunt Publieke Ruimte, with mobipunten planned in more than 50 municipalities in Flanders. In order to be called a mobipunt, a mobility hub has to include carsharing, bicycle parking and public transport but can also include a number of other mobility services such as cargo bikes, package boxes and charging facilities for electric vehicles.

As of this summer, Flemish Transport Minister Lydia Peeters has proposed a new branding for the mobility concept: “Hoppin”. This will be the future brand name for basic accessibility and all related solutions.The mobipunten will henceforth be called Hoppinpunten. In addition to announcing the new brand name, Ms. Peeters announced that the Ministry would make 104 million Euros available for the start of 1000 mobipunten in the coming legislative period. The Hoppin points will help support multimodal travel behaviour all across Flanders.

21 Aug 2020