Let’s GO e-Bike!

Let’s GO e-Bike!

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SHARE-North partner SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) launched its regional e-bike program on April 23rd, 2018 in Edinburgh, UK. The GO e-Bike programme aims to increase usage and awareness of power assisted cycling across the South East of Scotland and beyond. The program also aims to promote a healthier more active population, reduce inequalities in our communities and improve our environment.

Through its Programme for Government 2017/18 the Scottish Government is ‘stepping up promotion of the use of electric bicycles to ensure as many people as possible can benefit from active travel’.

Gordon Edgar Chair of SEStran says: “SEStran, through its promotion of active travel as a key component of our Regional Transport Strategy, is helping to work towards the Scottish Government’s ambition in its Programme for Government. GO e-Bike is a great way to build on our other active travel work, introducing more people to cycling as a viable fun transport choice for work and leisure.

SEStran is working with Carplus Bikeplus to help deliver GO e-Bike across the South East of Scotland. Carplus BikePlus have an amazing track record of delivering bike-sharing projects. Carplus Bikeplus will be helping to set up and promote the GO e-Bike hubs with local area partners. GO e-Bikes launches with five different projects in St. Andrew’s, Buckhaven, West Lothian and Falkirk and will also be encouraging employers to get involved with a ‘Try a GO e-Bike Roadshow’.

Antonia Roberts, Director of Bikeplus, commented, “E- bikes are a proven game changer in personal mobility, opening up cycling to a wider audience by flattening hills and giving riders the sensation of a permanent tailwind with extended range. The wider societal benefits shouldn’t be overlooked with potential for reduced congestion and carbon emissions with improved air quality where trips are made not using motorised vehicles”.

With the successful launch of the first five projects SEStran will be working over the next 18 months with other potential partners to increase the GO e-Bike footprint delivering more hubs across the South East of Scotland and encouraging more people to get on their GO e-Bike!

25 Apr 2018