SHARE-North Partners Join Forces at the 2017 Annual Polis Conference

SHARE-North Partners Join Forces at the 2017 Annual Polis Conference

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On December 6th and 7th, the 2017 Annual Polis Conference took place in Brussels. The SHARE-North partners came together for session on Shared Mobility on the second day of the conference in order to present some of their visions and concrete policy measures on car-sharing.

Polis is a network of European cities that focusses on the exchange of knowledge as well as allows cities to find allies and potential project partners seeking to deploy similar measures. At this year’s Polis Conference, the SHARE-North project partners joined forces for a joint session on Sharing Cities. Presentations included the expertise from Advier’s Friso Metz on how municipalities can “Roll Out the Red Carpet for Car-Sharing”, insights from’s Jeffrey Matthijs how the Flemish Green Deal on Shared Mobility was inspired by the Dutch Green Deal for Car-Sharing and the goals that the 84 signatories have set for promoting and implementing shared mobility in Flanders. The City of Bremen, represented by Rebecca Karbaumer, shared how the Municipality has integrated car-sharing in its transport and parking policies as a means of supporting sustainable transport behaviour as well as reducing the number of privately owned cars in the city.

You can find the SHARE-North project partner’s presentations as well as the presentations of two additional guest speakers (Drive Now and the City of Aarhus) in the session on Shared Mobility on the Polis website under “Session 4B. SHARED MOBILITY SERVICES”: here.

11 Dec 2017