UK National Liftshare Week 2016 – Liftshare Lip Sync

UK National Liftshare Week 2016 – Liftshare Lip Sync

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The UK’s National Liftshare Week aims at promoting the benefits of carpooling and encourages more people to join carpooling schemes.

This year, SEStran (South East Scotland Transport Partnership) joined with local radio station Forth One to promote across the South East of Scotland during this year’s UK National Liftshare Week (October 2016). Teaming-up with the Edinburgh-based radio station “Forth1 ‘Home Run’” presenters Mark Martin and Lynsey Gibson as well as Edinburgh’s Councillor Lesley Hinds (and SEStran Chair) took part in a “Liftshare Lip Sync” event. As part of the event, listeners were asked to identify the songs during their car pool for their chance to win numerous gift vouchers.

Here, take a look!

To learn more about UK Liftshare Week, go here.


13 Dec 2016