Big Solutions for Small Places: Promoting (Shared) Mobility Innovations in Rural Areas

When considering sustainable and shared mobility, rural areas are viewed as problematic: Distances are large, transport policy is usually car-focussed, public transport offers are insufficient and collective transport modes in these areas are not a viable business model… Or are they? In this webinar, SHARE-North will team up with the G-PaTRA Project to prove that sustainable (collective) transport modes can work in rural areas, but that a rural-based approach must be taken rather than applying predominantly urban transport strategies.

  • 20. April 2018
    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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In his talk, G-PaTRA’s Dr. Koen Salemink will address transnational issues regarding digitalization and rural mobility. Based on research conducted across the North Sea Region, he advocates for a rural scope and a rural-based approach in mobility policies to safeguard the rural interest in a predominantly urban policy field.

‘Sustaining Mobility in Rural Areas: The Need for a Rural Scope’ – Dr. Koen Salemink, University of Groningen (NL)

Following this introduction, SHARE-North’s Jeffrey Matthijs will give numerous successful examples of how to make car-sharing work in rural and less densely populated areas via a bit of creativity and innovation. He will talk about sharing local governmental fleets, shared drivers, local mobility hubs, communication campaigns and more.

‘Translating Shared Mobility for Rural Areas: the Rosetta Stone for Car-Sharing in Small Towns’ –Jeffrey Matthijs, (BE)


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