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Sharing insights, experiences and new ideas is a vital part of creating more liveable and low-carbon cities and regions and spreading the word about the potential of shared mobility as a part of integrated transport planning. Here you can find information about the latest SHARE-North and other project-related events.

Upcoming Events

29. September 2017 12:30 pm
Webinar: “Shared Mobility Solutions for Mobility Generators”

“Mobility Generators” such as business centres, universities and other clusters of employment are major contributors to congestion and transport-related emissions. In order to tackle these challenges, collective transport solutions are required to provide better accessibility, more affordable and sustainable transport for employees’ daily journey to these locations.

Learn how West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s Travel Plan Network helps companies manage their journeys to work in the UK and how Intercommunale Leiedal integrates shared mobility into company policies in Belgium.

  • 29. September 2017 12:30 pm