Mpact (formerly Taxistop)

Mpact is a Belgian social profit organisation that offers many (mobility) services to a broad public. Mpact is operator of different sharing initiatives, in particular with regard to ride sharing and car sharing and their impacts, and the co-founder of the mobipunt initiative and Shared Mobility Rocks. In addition to this, Mpact organises campaigns like Car Free Day and Mobility Week. Besides operating shared mobility, Mpact is also the main reference point for shared mobility for local media and political parties. Mpact writes memoranda on shared mobility for every election and is member of the Flemish Advisory Board for Transport. Mpact is also member of the Seamless Mobility Committee of the UITP (International platform for Public Transport operators) and advises the European Council on Shared Mobility as part of the “Responding Together – Social Cohesion” project.

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