Intercommunale Leiedal organises the cooperation of 13 cities and municipalities in the Kortrijk region (300,000 inhabitants) on socio-economic development of the region. Leiedal supports policies of cities and municipalities in the field of spatial planning, spatial design, e-government, mobility, local low carbon strategies, networking and participation and others. Leiedal developed an intermunicipal sustainable energy action plan (EU Covenant of Mayors) in which local authorities‘ priorities of CO2 reduction are defined, and supports implementation and participation.

In its Strategic Plan 2013-2018, Leiedal expressed ambitions about sustainable mobility and a climate neutral region. In recent years, Leiedal has gathered experience and capacity in the field of mobility and business park management. The Flemish government granted several projects of Leiedal on mobility, such as “Together smarter to Work” (stimulating and promoting of several kinds of shared mobility for businesses and employees: bike sharing, carpooling, collective transport to businesses, public transport, city distribution, etc.) and the „REKOVER“ Project (linking spatial planning with public transport).

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