SHARE-North Webinar: Exploring Different Approaches to Regulating E-Scooter Sharing

The market of shared mobility is rapidly changing, constantly bringing new services and innovations with it. E-Scooter sharing is a service that seems to have taken the market by storm and cities worldwide are reacting differently to this new shared mode. Questions being asked are: What are the potential benefits of e-scooter sharing? What are the downsides? Is there a positive impact on sustainable mobility behaviour? How can cities go about regulating new providers or integrating the services into local transport strategies?

  • 18. October 2019
    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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During this webinar, shared mobility policy expert Antonia Roberts (CoMoUK) will answer these questions and more by highlighting research done and experiences made by cities worldwide regarding shared e-scooters. Tim Asperges from the City of Leuven (Belgium) will present the City’s approach to welcoming shared bicycles and e-scooters, how they fit in the complete package of urban mobility offers and the quality standards and “rules of the game” that apply to these providers.


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