Webinar: “Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and Shared Mobility: The Perfect Couple”

You’re invited to attend the second SHARE-North “Dare to Share” Webinar! The SHARE-North project is offering a series of webinars with shared mobility practices being deployed throughout the North Sea Region. The purpose is to share successful car-sharing, ride-sharing, bike-sharing and mobility management solutions in a range of locations – from small towns to big cities, neighbourhoods to regional business parks – that can help you decide which shared mobility solution is the best for you when tackling complex transport issues! And all that from the comfort of your own office! This webinar's theme: Why every Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan should include shared mobility and why each city should have a shared mobility action plan.
  • 24. March 2017
    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

In this second webinar of the SHARE-North “Dare to Share” webinar series we will discuss the necessity for a supportive policy framework for shared mobility and what can be accomplished with it.

“I will explain about ‘The Necessity for Shared Mobility to be a Part of Every SUMP’”

    -Jeffery Matthijs, Autodelen.net

“I will talk about how ‘Shared Mobility Strategies are part of Bremen’s SUMP’”

    -Michael Glotz-Richer, City of Bremen

We dare to share. Do you?

Participation is free.

Please note that all webinar times take place Central European Time (GMT+1).